Monitor essential HR management functions and reports, anywhere you go with LogNWork!​

Working remotely? No problem. LogNWork make it easy for teams to monitor and communicate their work status, check-in/check-out at specified locations, post photos, request for documents, and submit reports real time.​



  • Check in/check out with GPS tracking
  • Submit reports to superiors while checking out
  • File for leaves anytime, anywhere
  • Get your payroll automated on the go
  • Communicate with registered coworkers on the company's directory

About us


LogNWork aims to facilitate working activities remotely, provide a user-friendly platform for reports, and reduce time-consuming tedious accounting and HR activities with the seamlessly integrated payroll feature which is part of the remote timekeeping feature.


LogNWork envision itself to become the app that trancends biometric typical HRIS features through a seamless, simple non-compartmentalized system of evoking efficient productivity for our users.


Most frequent questions and answers

As for the current version, registration via the app has not been establish yet. To join, you will need to submit your company information and type of industry (nature of your industry) in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.​

If you are working within an organization, the total price depends on how many employees/members will be using the app. This will be further discussed when we get in touch.

There is a feature within the app called “Support Ticket” to which certain problems detected within the app can be addressed in a formul-like style manner so that developers may attend to the issue. Administrators will open critical discussion regarding the app and will update the ticket in case of any updates to that discussion.

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Contact Us

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